Understanding Steroid Usage


Steroid usage has become a widespread phenomenon. It continues to appear on news headlines, on publications, and campaigns against steroid abuse by athletes after enhanced performance. You’ve probably come across such headlines several times, but do you really know what steroids are? Do you understand how they are used and what side effects they have?

As a leading steroid store in Canada, we have to educate you on steroids and demystify myths that surround the usage of these substances.

What are steroids?

Steroids are synthetic drugs that are made to perform has hormones in the body but with a larger magnitude. The widely known steroids are anabolic-androgenic steroids, which help to build body muscles.

It is essential to point out that steroids are not always used for the wrong reasons. Sometimes doctors prescribe them to their patients suffering from massive muscle loss. On the contrary, it is also true that there are those people that take the steroids without the prescription of a doctor so that they can boost their muscle mass and improve athletic abilities.

It is important to note that not all steroids have medicinal value but some are useful in the medical field. Steroids such as cortico steroids are used to help patients suffering from asthma. They help to relax muscles so that the patient is able to breathe during an attack. Testosterone steroids also help with conditions like hypogonadism.

Other conditions that can be treated using steroids include delayed puberty, muscle loss.

However, some androgen-anabolic steroids are not used in treatment. In most countries, the use of these steroids is only allowed if prescribed by medical officers.

Our online store stocks various forms of steroids. Some come in creams, liquids, gels, and patches. Creams, gels, and patches are applied to the skin, while liquids are swallowed or injected into the body.

Can someone become addicted to steroids?

Yes. Research has proven that a high number of steroid users are usually addicted to these substances and can face significant complications if they cease to use them. The addiction can affect one psychologically or physiologically. When users excel in sporting activities through the aid of steroids, they become psychologically addicted.

On the other side, continuous usage of the steroids forces the brain to adapt to the effects. The pleasure that steroids stimulate with time becomes cravings, and one will find it difficult to survive without the steroids.

Common steroid users and why they use them

Statistics show that there is a higher number of men using steroids compared to women. The large percentage of these users being those that lift weights. It is important to note that most people begin to use steroids when in college. Why so? because this is the level where sports are done competitively on a professional level.

The following are categories of people that use steroids the most,

  1. People that take part in sports such as rugby, which require physical strength. It is in sports that steroids are used the most. However, it is essential to point out that it is not legal for sportspersons to use steroids, and as such, there are no legal parameters set to control how steroids are used.
  2. Individuals that lift weights, either for personal gain or as professional bodybuilders.
  3. Persons that closely associate with steroid users
  4. Construction workers
  5. Fitness models
  6. Movie actors that prefer starring in roles that require built individuals

If you fall into any of the categories listed above, you should be careful about the type of steroids you use and where you get them from. Some users obtain their doses from quack stores, which puts them at considerable risk. And that is where we come in. At GH Canada, we ensure that we provide you with the best quality anabolic steroids for your personal use. We’ve been in the Canadian market for years with a good reputation that supersedes us.

Are there Side effects to using steroids?

Yes. Regardless of the amounts taken in, steroid usage has its side effects. However, users can minimize the side effects by regulating how they use the drugs and by ensuring that they only use high-quality anabolic steroids.

Below are some of the side-effects common in steroid users.


One of the side effects of steroid usage is that it increases the production of oil by the sebaceous glands on the skin. This results in acne. Common areas affected by these outbreaks are usually on the chest, face, neck, and shoulders.

Stomach issues

The use of steroids inhibits prostaglandins, which results in stomach irritation. Prostaglandins are responsible for protecting the lining of the stomach. When these substances are not enough to adequately protect the stomach, severe irritation can lead to the development of ulcers. To reduce this effect, users should take oral steroids together with food.

Weight gain

It is important to note that steroids greatly affect your body’s metabolism and the deposition of fats. In some cases, it may greatly increase your appetite, which in turn leads to excessive weight gain.

You can however reduce the chances of gaining weight while on steroids by watching the number of calories that you consume. Also, exercise regularly so that the excess fat is burned down.

Mood changes

Steroids also affect one’s moods when taken in certain amounts. In some cases, one may become depressed or overly hyper for no reason. This side effect can be managed by reducing the level of steroid intake on a regular basis.

Most importantly, if using steroids is going to affect your moods, it is advisable always to let your friends and family members aware of the same. It helps to increase their tolerance towards your unstable moods.

Artery hardening

The use of steroids can cause the arteries in your heart to harden. However, this is unlikely to happen if you take the steroids in controlled amounts and for a short period. Artery hardening only occurs when you’ve used the steroids for a very long period and excessively.


The steroid industry is quite extensive and it continues to grow. If you plan on using any type of steroid, get your dose from us. Our products are good quality and affordable. However, it is advisable that you consult a medical practitioner on what steroid is right for your needs.

Remember, there are side effects to using steroids but they are manageable.

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