The main facts you need to know about Testosterone steroids

Testosterone steroids in Canada

What immediately comes to mind when most people see the term steroids is the adverse side effects associated with steroids. The lack of proper knowledge on steroids, how they should be taken, legal parameters surrounding steroid usage in Canada needs to be addressed.

In this article, we are going to focus on facts on testosterone steroids so that you are not hoodwinked by the myths. But before we go delve into the facts, there’s one common mistake that steroid users make:

Testosterone for bodybuilders and how it works

Some things get better as they age: wine, whiskey, and cheese. However, this is not the case when it comes to our bodies. The more we grow old, the lesser our muscle mass becomes and the body reduces its ability to gain strength.

So, what do you do?

The easiest way to enhance body muscles is through the use of Testosterone hormone. It is important to note that testosterone is the main hormone responsible for the muscle mass in men and women alike. It also plays a great role in the production of libido.

As a bodybuilder interested in getting those abs and well-toned biceps, you should consider making use of testosterone.

Testosterone works directly to ensure that the muscle mass increases by increasing the satellite cells, also known as precursor cells. Once the satellite cells become more, they attach themselves into the existing muscle mass, making them bigger. Also, the cells can join together to form new muscle fibers.

Testosterone also ensures that the muscle mass is strong enough by increasing the amount of calcium in cells.

Facts about Testosterone steroid

Control the usage

This is not to scare you but rather an important fact that you need to understand as you take the testosterone steroids. According to a study conducted by Yale researchers, nerve cells that were exposed to excess testosterone steroids ended up dying more compared to cells not exposed to excess Testosterone. The research also states that Testosterone boosts apoptosis, a mechanism in which cells self-destruct. Under normal conditions, apoptosis is meant to help the body fight off cancer cells and other abnormal cells.

Inferences made from the study showed that cells in dishes with normal testosterone levels did not affect the cells.

Both men and women can use testosterone steroids

It is wrongly assumed that Testosterone is only useful to men. On the contrary, women also produce some testosterone in their bodies. Also, women that have a low amount of Testosterone in their bodies suffer similar attributes like men, which include low sex drive and reduced muscle mass. Therefore, this means that both men and women alike can use this steroid for testosterone treatment.

Excess amounts can shrink testicles

One of the side effects that excess consumption of Testosterone has is that it can cause men’s testicles to shrink. In women, excess amounts will lead to enlargement of the clitoris and hair loss. And in both genders, abuse of Testosterone can cause acne, aggression, and mood swings.

However, working with an experienced doctor to treat testosterone deficiency will protect you from the side effects that come with its abuse.

Testosterone does not cause rage

If you belong to the bodybuilding and weightlifting world, you’ve probably heard about ‘steroid rage,’ which is anger believed to be caused by taking testosterone steroids. However, research has proven that these are false claims with no scientific backing. Although the ‘roid rage’ exists, Testosterone has nothing to do with it if consumed in recommended dosages.

Contrary to the claim, it is essential to point out that men and women who have low testosterone levels are more likely to get angry easily and be depressed.

It improves one’s mental health

As already stated above, low testosterone levels can lead to depression and easy anger. The use of testosterone steroids can help in boosting your energy levels and mood.

Other drugs can affect the use of testosterone steroids

It is important to point out that taking testosterone steroids alongside other drugs can hinder its performance. Some of the medicines which can react with testosterone steroids include warfarin, Jantoven, and oxyphenbutazone.

There are also other OTC drugs and even herbal products that can react with testosterone steroids. Before you get a testosterone prescription, please inform your doctor of any other drug that you are on, so that they can advise you on which ones to use and those which not to use with Testosterone.

It does not cause prostate cancer

For a long time now, most people have associated the taking of testosterone steroids with high prostate cancer risk. On the contrary, Testosterone helps with the production of Prostate-specific antigen, which helps to detect prostate tissues and more prostate biopsies.


The use of testosterone steroids has its benefits to the body. However, you should ensure that you are using it as required, do not overdose or underdose, use street sources to get your prescription, or share your dose with other persons that are not allowed to use it. Read our previous post about Understanding Steroids Usage and educate yourself more on steroids.

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